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Battery-Tester for 12V or 24V

Datum: 28-04-09


Battery-Tester for 12V or 24V
with PC-Interface

The battery tester can calculate the battery capacity either on a discharge or, if a external charger is connected, on a charge cycle. The discharge current can be programmed with values between 0 and 25A (steps of 0,1 A). If a cycling of a battery is programmed, the battery will be charged, after a previous discharge, up to the programmed charge time. The charge profile will be generated by the charger. In any case, after a charge or discharge, the measured capacity will be displayed.
Any charger can be connected to the battery tester, for charging a battery. A battery test can start with a charge or a discharge. A charge cycle will always follow a discharge, if a charger is connected.
The battery tester can follow up to 8 charge and discharge cycles. Measured values of each cycle can be seen in the LCD display.
The programming of all parameters is with 4 buttons. All parameters and measurements are seen in the LCD display.
As an option, all parameters and measurements can be monitored with a PC-Software.
- easy to use, compact design, light weight
- constant, electronic load, adjustable between 0 – 25A
- battery voltages 12V or 24V
- discharge voltage level free adjustable
- connectivity of a external charger for cycling of batteries
- up to 8 charge and discharge cycles adjustable
- LCD display of the measured capacity
- Data-Acquisition with PC-Software and RS 232 interface

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